• Promoting community outreach
  • Promoting public partnership in decision making
  • Extending communication with citizens

Upon the initiative of HE Mr. Ahmed bin Ibrahim Almulla, the Speaker of the Council of Representatives, and supervision of HE Mr. Abdullah bin Khalaf Aldoseri, a resolution was issued in 10 Feb. 2015 regarding the establishment of the Community Outreach Committee as part of the new Strategy of the Council with a view to promote communication with citizens and social partnership in decision making, as well as raising parliamentary awareness in the public.

The Committee is chaired by Mr. Ghazi Abdulmohsen, Director of Public Relations and Ceremony, and includes Mr. Mahmeed Almahmeed, Director of Parliamentary Media (Vice-chair), Mr. Yousif Alruwai, Director of Inter-parliamentary Group, Mr. Fouad Alansari, Director of Research and Parliamentary Library, Mr. Hamad Alhadhrami, Director of Services and Member Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Alqasmi, Head of Public Relations, Mr. Ahmed Aldoy, Head of Legal Studies, Mr. Ahmed Almadhoub, Head of Services and Public Utilities Committees Section, Ms. Reem Dhaif, PR Specialist and the secretary of the committee, Ms. Areej Matooq, E-media Supervisor.

  • Since its establishment, the committee held more than 15 meetings, in which it discussed its Annual Plan as well as the programs and events organized by the Committee.
  • The Committee organized 7 parliamentary forums on the following topics: Youth, Sport, Women, Fishermen, Labour, Municipalities, and Persons with Special Needs.
  • The Committee organized a social environmental event in Dohat Arad, in occasion of the International Environment Day, in 5 June 2015. The Committee conducted field trips, and held meetings with head of the four governorates of Bahrain, as well as meetings with officials in the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Social Development, and the General Organization for Youth and Sport with an aim to cooperate with these authorities in issues related to media coverage, NOGs, and youth centres.
  • The Committee visited more than 12 family and public gatherings (majlis): Majlis of Yousif Aljasem (Riffa), Majlis of Nasser Aloraidh (Siqaya), Majlis of Ahmed Alamer (Isa Town), Majlis of Khalid Allehaidan (Aali), as well as Shakhoura Youth Centre, Majlis Bader Aldoseri (Zallaq), Alhekma Retired Society, Majlis of Isa Salmeen (Buhair) Majlis of the Secretariat of the Capital, Majlis of the Northern Governorate, Majlis of Aldoy (Muharraq), and the Majlis’s of MPs Mohamed Alahmed, Jamal Dawood, and Abdulrahman Bumjaid.
  • The Committee organized student meetings in the hall of the Ministry of Education. More than 700 students from different stages. The Committee has also visited a number of universities and school and received a number of student delegations in the Council’s premises.

The Committee participated in a number of Radio and Television programs, such as “To the Listener with Greetings”, with the participation of MP Abbas Almadhi, HE Mr. Abdullah Aldoseri, Secretary General, Mr. Ghazi Abdulmohsen, Head of the Community Outreach Committee, Mr. Fouad Alansari, member of the committee.

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