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The most important competency of the Council of Representatives is to draft laws and legislations that regulate the State functionality. A member of the Council exercises his/her duties by submitting proposals with regard to the constitution and amending its provisions; or propose a draft law; or agree/reject decreed laws; or approve/decline/postpone reviewing international agreements; or discuss draft- laws submitted by the government Read More



The Kingdom of Bahrain constitution gave the Council of Representatives a number of oversight tools through which it can monitor the executive authority performance. Most important and new tool is “the government action plan”, which organizes the relationship between the executive and legislative authorities, in terms of reaching an agreement on a consolidated action plan for the duration of the legislative term.Read More



The Council of Representatives ordinary sittings are held for the duration of the session, every Tuesday at 9:30 am. The sittings are chaired by the Speaker or, in his absence, the first or second Deputy Speakers, or the eldest member of the Council in line with the Council Rules. The sitting quorum is correct when half or more members of the Council are present. A representative of the government must attend the sitting, namely: the Minister of State for Shura Council and Council of Representatives Affairs. Read More


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