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About the Inter-parliamentary Group

Acknowledging the importance of parliamentary diplomacy and its role in promoting the parliamentary relations with other countries as well as extending ties of friendship and cooperation with national parliaments around the world with a view to support the processes of world peace and cooperation, the Kingdom of Bahrain has issued a number of legislations governing the joint work of both the Council of Representatives and the Consultative (Shura) Council, through the establishment of the Inter-parliamentary Group of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Inter-parliamentary Group works to consolidate the aims and efforts of the members of both chambers in relation to their participation in the events organized by International, Islamic and Arab unions and organisations, as well as any other parliamentary institution or union. The key role of the Inter-parliamentary Group is representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in such international fora.

The Inter-parliamentary Group consists of all (80) members of both chambers. The Group has an Executive Committee which includes (4) members from each chamber. The Committee is chaired by the Speaker of the Council of Representatives. The Secretary General of the Council of Representatives is the secretary of the Committee.

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