Standing Committees

Committee on Legislative and Legal Affairs

The Committee specialises in reviewing draft laws and their conformity with the Constitution, assisting the Council of Representatives and its committees in formulating legislative texts, dealing with member affairs, studying

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Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs

The Committee specialises in considering construction projects related to socio-economic development included in the state budget, economic plans and the observations of the committee on the same, as well as

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Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense, and National Security

The Committee specialises in studying the international stance, international political developments, the Kingdom’s foreign policy, international conventions and agreements and all affairs concerning internal security, combating crime and the State

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Committee on Services

The Committee specialises in matters related to all aspects of education, occupational training, eradication of illiteracy and issues relating to social, sports, cultural, health, media services, and labour affairs.

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Committee on Public Utilities and Environment

The Committee specialises in studying matters related to housing, postal services, electricity, water, agriculture, transport, roads, municipalities and the environment.

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