Reform Project

In March 1999, when HM King Hamad, who was then called the Emir Sh. Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, assumed power in the country, there were many demands for reform at the political, social and economic levels… Read More

Parliamentary System

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, the legislative authority, in accordance with provisions of the Constitution, is vested in the King and the National Assembly (the Shura Council and the Council of Representatives)…. Read More

General Secretariat

The secretariat of the Council of Representatives plays an important role in the parliamentary process as it provides all forms of logistic and research support and assistance… Read More

Parliamentary Elections

arrow_icon نتائج الانتخابات النيابية 2002
arrow_icon نتائج الانتخابات النيابية 2006
arrow_icon نتائج الانتخابات النيابية 2010
arrow_icon نتائج الانتخابات التكميلية 2011
arrow_icon نتائج الانتخابات التكميلية 2012
arrow_icon نتائج الانتخابات النيابية 2014
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