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About the Council


The political system in the Kingdom of Bahrain is based on a constitutional monarchy based on Consultation (Shura), which is the ideal method of governance in Islam, in addition to the inclusion of the people in exercising power, which is the basis of modern political ideology. The leader would use his insight to select some experienced citizens to form the Shura council, in addition, the educated, free and trustworthy people would elect the ones who would form the Council of Representatives, and hence the two councils would achieve the popular will represented in the National Council.

Accordingly, the legislative authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain consists of two councils, which are the Council of Representatives and the Shura Council.

The Council of Representatives consists of forty members elected by direct secret public elections in accordance with the provisions set out by the law. The members of the Council of Representatives should meet the following criteria:

  1. He should be Bahraini, or had acquired the Bahraini nationality for at least ten years and is not a citizen of another country except for those who carry the nationality of a member state of the Gulf Cooperation Council, with the condition that he is originally a Bahraini citizen, enjoying all his civil and political rights with his name included in one of the electoral registers.
  2. He should be no less than thirty Gregorian years of age at the day of elections.
  3. He should be fluent in reading and writing the Arabic language.
  4. His membership in the Shura Council or the Council of Representatives should not have been revoked by the decision of the Council that he belongs to due to loss of confidence or breaching membership duties. A member whose membership was revoked can nominate himself if the legislative term in which a decision was made to revoke his membership has ended, or if a decision was issued to repeal the reason preventing him from nominating himself which resulted from revoking his membership by the Council that he was a member of after the legislative term that issued the decision of revoking his membership had ended.

The term of the Council of Representatives shall be four Gregorian years from the date of its first meeting. The elections for the new Council shall take place during the last four months of that period. Those representatives whose terms had ended may also be reelected. The King may extend the legislative term of the Council of Representatives when necessary by royal decree for a period not exceeding two years.

If the position of one of the members of the Council of Representatives had become vacant before the end of his term for any reason whatsoever, someone shall be elected in his place within two months of the announcement of this vacancy; the term of the new member shall be till the end of his predecessor’s term. If the vacancy was a result of a member’s resignation, then he may not run for membership of the Council during the legislative term in which he submitted his resignation. If the vacancy occurs during the six months prior to the end of the legislative term of the Council, no alternate member shall be elected.

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