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About the Council


The Speaker is a member of the Council of Representatives elected as the Chairman of the Council in accordance with the provisions of Article (60) of the Constitution, and article (10) of the Council Rules. The Speaker represents the Council of Representatives in its correspondences with other bodies, speaks in the name of the Council, and supervises all its functions.

Competencies of the Speaker

  • Chairs the meetings of the National Assembly
  • Chairs the plenaries of the Council of Representatives
  • Opens and chairs the plenaries, and supervises their deliberations
  • Chairs the Bureau of the Council
  • Chairs the meetings of committees he attends
  • Calls for order
  • Specifies the subject-matter and stops speakers who do no keep to the subject under discussion
  • Has the right to speak at any time he deems beneficial to the discussion
  • Announces the voting results
  • Questions are addressed through him
  • Calls upon the Council to convene as well as the Bureau
  • Grants permission for MPs to take the floor
  • Calls upon any committee to convene and to discuss an important or urgent issue
  • Calls upon the Council to convene before its regular plenary
  • Has the right to engage in discussions, where in this case he leaves his chair as speaker and goes back to it upon completion of discussion of the subject-matter
  • Directs, suspends and adjourns the plenaries. Announces the decisions of the Council of Representatives.
  • Supervises the work of the Council and the Committees
  • Any correspondence between a committee and the government or any other official body is done through him
  • Supervises the work of the Secretariat of the Council
  • Requests opinion with regard to any proposed topic
  • Refers draft laws approved by both chambers to the Prime Minister
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