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The most important competency of the Council of Representatives is to draft laws and legislations that regulate the State functionality. A member of the Council exercises his/her duties by submitting proposals with regard to the constitution and amending its provisions; or propose a draft law; or agree/reject decreed laws; or approve/decline/postpone reviewing international agreements; or discuss draft- laws submitted by the government, and instill the necessary amendments by adding, omitting or amending its provisions. One of the important legislative tools regulated by the constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Rules of the Council is the Law Proposal; which is submitted by a member of the Council to be deliberated and discussed by the Council competent departments in line with the procedures set forth by Council Rules. Thereafter, the law proposal is submitted to the government to formulate as a draft-law that is discussed by both Chambers of the National Council, passed and endorsed by His Majesty the King.

With regard to legislation, a number of subjects are referred to the Council including decree laws, agreements, international conventions, the State general budget, closing account and others; all of which are reviewed by the bicameral legislative authority, and amended thereto according to opinions of both councils.

The total number of legislative tools submitted to the Council of Representatives in the Second Session was 256 topics that consisted of 97 draft laws, 18 decrees, 141 law proposals. The number of law proposals in the second session increased noticeably in comparison with the same in the first session of the legislative term, most of which focused on legislations in two key areas: economic and financial reform, and developing public services. The following are statistics and graphs to clarify the aforementioned:

Parliamentary Tool First Session Second Session
Decree Law 16 18
Draft-laws 82 97
Law Proposals 42 141
Bills 240 334
Total 380
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