The Kingdom of Bahrain constitution gave the Council of Representatives a number of oversight tools through which it can monitor the executive authority performance. Most important and new tool is “the government action plan“, which organizes the relationship between the executive and legislative authorities, in terms of reaching an agreement on a consolidated action plan for the duration of the legislative term. Some of the important oversight tools stipulated in the constitution are:

  • Parliamentary Question
  • Parliamentary investigation request
  • Interpellation request
  • General discussion request


The following are clarifying graphs and statistics:

  First Session Second Session
Proposals 240 334
Questions 82 91
Interpellation 1 2
Total 323 427


Statistics pertinent to parliamentary questions submitted to the executive authority ministers:

Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning 13
Housing Ministry 5
Education Ministry 5
Health Ministry 14
Industry, Trade and Tourism Ministry 8
Energy Ministry 11
Labor and Social Development Ministry 15
Finance Ministry 9
Transport and Telecommunications Ministry 5
Media Affairs Ministry & Affairs of the Councils of Representatives and Shura 4
Follow up Affairs Ministry 1
Youth and Sport Affairs Ministry 1
Total 91


Statistics pertinent to the number of questions to ministers.

91 parliamentary questions, 2 interpellation requests of the finance minister and energy minister, 334 bills. This is the outcome of the oversight mandate during the second session of the fourth legislative term, with a qualitative increase in the number of subject matters from the first session.

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