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11 2016
Agenda of the Eighth Ordinary Sitting
Third Session - The Fourth Legislative Term

Previous Sittings

11 2016
Agenda of the Seventh Ordinary Sitting
Third Session - The Fourth Legislative Term


The Council of Representatives ordinary sittings are held for the duration of the session, every Tuesday at 9:30 am. The sittings are chaired by the Speaker or, in his absence, the first or second Deputy Speakers, or the eldest member of the Council in line with the Council Rules. The sitting quorum is correct when half or more members of the Council are present. A representative of the government must attend the sitting, namely: the Minister of State for Shura Council and Council of Representatives Affairs.



The sittings hall consists of 80 seats prepared for the convening of the National Council. It also consists of a number of platforms: The Speaker rostrum, platform for the government ministers, committee repertoire platform, secretariat general platform where the Council legal adviser is also seated. There are two chambers: one for visitors and guests, while the other is dedicated for the media.


Follow up

Interested persons may follow up the live feed of the sittings every Tuesday by logging in the live feed service on the Council website. The session deliberations may also be followed on Bahrain Radio AM frequency of 102.3. Interested persons can also attend the sittings in person at the visitors chamber, which can accommodate up to 50 people; by registering in the reserve my seat service provided on the website.
For more information, contact the Public Relations & Social Communication Department on:

Tel:17748744 – 17748514 – 17748597

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