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Speaker’s Competencies

  • Chairs the meetings of the National Assembly
  • Chairs the plenaries of the Council of Representatives
  • Opens and chairs the plenaries, and supervises their deliberations
  • Chairs the Bureau of the Council
  • Chairs meetings of committees he attends
  • Calls for order
  • Specifies the subject-matter and stops speakers who do no keep to the subject under discussion
  • Has the right to speak at any time he deems beneficial to the discussion
  • Announces the voting results
  • Questions are addressed through the speaker
  • Calls upon the Council to convene as well as the Bureau
  • Grants permission for MPs to take the floor
  • Calls upon any committee to convene and to discuss an important or urgent issue
  • Calls upon the Council to convene before its regular plenary
  • Has the right to engage in discussions, where in this case he leaves his chair as speaker and goes back to it upon completion of discussion of the subject-matter
  • Directs, suspends and adjourns the sittings. Announces the decisions of the Council of Representatives.
  • Supervises the work of the Council and the Committees
  • Any correspondence between a committee and the government or any other official body is done through him
  • Supervises the work of the Secretariat of the Council
  • Requests opinion with regard to any proposed topic
  • Refers draft laws approved by both chambers to the Prime Minister
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